‘UFC Tonight’ Previews UFC 204: Bisping vs. Henderson 2 – “Daniel, If You Can Beat Him, I Can Certainly Beat Him”

Fight Network Staff / October 5, 2016 - 10:55pm

Los Angeles – UFC TONIGHT hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier break down UFC 204: BISPING VS. HENDERSON 2 and interview middleweight champion Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson before their title fight. They also catch up with former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. Karyn Bryant adds reports.

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier announces his next title defense: “Last night the Toronto Blue Jays walk off home run got the fans excited. The only thing that can get them more excited is me, UFC light heavyweight champion defending my title on December 10 in Toronto at UFC 206 against Anthony Rumble Johnson. Anthony, you get your shot. I told you you’d wait until I decided that you would get it. After the fight, it will be ‘And still.’ I’m going to knock him out right in the middle of the Octagon. Anthony, you’re going down, once again.”

VIDEO: Cormier announces his next opponent:

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Michael Bisping: “The footwork will be his friend in this fight against Henderson. What will also be his friend is his speed. He puts together very fast combinations. He’s very confident and don’t sleep on his wrestling. Henderson can be taken down.”

Cormier on Henderson: “Storybook endings don’t get any better than this if Dan Henderson can pull this off Saturday. It’s going to be tough. He’s got to do something he hasn’t done for a long time, fight for a long time and set up that knock out. If Dan can get this done, he’ll go down as the greatest fighter of all time. ”

Florian on Bisping’s keys to victory: “He’s very fast and developed more power. He needs to use the footwork. He’s got to land and get out. He’s got to vary the attack. And third, he needs to land a takedown.”

Cormier on Henderson’s keys to victory: “For Henderson, it all starts with the power. He needs to cut off the Octagon. He can’t follow him. He needs to be aggressive early. The longer it goes, the better it’ll be for Bisping. He needs to defend the takedown. Bisping has the ability to land the takedowns.”

Cormier picks Bisping to win. Florian picks Bisping as well: “I think Bisping’s speed is going to be a factor. Talk about consistency. His speed and footwork will be the two factors to get it done.”

VIDEO: UFC 204 Strikezone and Predictions

Michael Bisping on his game plan against Henderson: “He’s a one-trick pony. He doesn’t wrestle anymore. He looks for that big right hand. You know he’s looking for it. And you know he’s lethal. He’s got good timing and speed with it. All I’ve got to do is avoid the right hand. Geeze Daniel, if you can beat him, I can certainly beat him.”

Bisping on predicting a third-round knockout: “I’m going to make a mess out of him in the first round. I’ll wait until he slows down in the second and I put the volume up, and the third he’s going to be predictable, I’m going to see those punches coming from a mile away, and that’s when I’ll finish him.”

Bisping on having a full training camp: “I learned from the fight with Rockhold. I don’t need eight weeks. I trained for a few weeks, then I filmed a movie, then I trained for three weeks at home and I feel fantastic.”

VIDEO: Interview: Bisping predicts how he’ll finish Henderson:

Dan Henderson on if he’s looking for another knockout against Bisping: “I never count on a knock out. I always want it, but I’m not going out headhunting. I’m looking to win each round and make sure I control the fight. I want to beat him up the whole fight and win each round along the way.”

Henderson on Bisping’s power: “Maybe that’s improved a little, or he’s been put in a better spot. I don’t care who it is, you’ve got to be careful. Anything can happen in a fight.”

Henderson on if he’s been emotional in training camp: “I’ve been focused on the opportunity in front of me in training camp to prepare to beat Michael Bisping and get that belt. I haven’t been emotional. I’ve been focused on what I need to do and get it done.”

Henderson on if he’d still retire if he wins the belt: “It would take a lot for me to come out of retirement and keep going. I’m very comfortable with my decision to have this be my last fight.”

VIDEO: Interview: Henderson: “I want to beat up Bisping up for the whole fight.”

Cormier on his fighter to watch at UFC 204: “Mine is Ovince Saint Preux. I want to see how he comes back from fighting Jon Jones. Fighting Jones exposes you to more people and you get to fight the best. I want to see how does he respond after losing to one of the best of all time.”

Florian’s fighter to watch at UFC 204: “Mine is Gegard Mousasi. All the momentum is with Mousasi. He still thinks about that Uriah Hall loss. He thinks he can still get to the title shot. He has so much experience and he’s so well rounded.”

Anthony Pettis on what it was like fighting at 145: “It was an adjustment. The cardio was an issue. I knew I could do the cut. I felt good in the first round, but I gassed out a little in the second round trying to finish him.”

Pettis on his coach saying he’d quit coaching if Pettis lost his last fight: “He didn’t tell me that. He’s been with me since my first amateur fight. We had a rough losing streak. We weren’t used to losing. This was a different time for us.”

Pettis on Conor McGregor holding up two divisions: “I was trying to do that when I was champ. Right when I won the belt, I called out Aldo. Conor is winning fights, knocking guys out. He’s winning fights. That was my plan. He’s selling the fights.”

Pettis on which division he wants to fight in, 145 or 155: “I want to be two division champ. I want Aldo. If he’s ready, let’s go. He’s more frustrated than trying to retire. He’s not going to retire. He want’s Conor, but Conor is busy. I’m here. My name is big.”

Florian on who John Lineker should fight next: “I was upset he didn’t make weight. I can’t reward him with the title shot because of that. He’s got to fight someone like Raphael Assuncao.”

Cormier on Lineker’s next opponent: “I say give him TJ Dillashaw or Cody Garbrandt. Give him one of the top two guys, whoever isn’t getting the title shot. Make him fight in an eliminator fight.”