Experience Tristar Gym in 360 Degrees | Tristar Stories in 4K

Fight Network Staff / January 3, 2017 - 5:36pm

See Tristar Gym as you never have before in 360 degrees.

00:00 – Sparring session warm up and pro training on the red mats
00:37 – Zach Makovsky, Joe Duffy and other pros spar on the red mats
01:47 – Firas Zahabi teaches pro grappling class
04:38 – Firas Zahabi assesses a student’s technique
05:07 – Rory MacDonald, Joe Duffy, Joanne Calderwood and other pros drill grappling techniques
07:47 – Full gym sparring session
11:18 – Coach Sandro Ferr gives instructions during striking class with a BJJ class in the background