TNA Against All Odds Report - New TNA Champ

Live Audio Wrestling / February 13, 2011 - 8:14pm

Welcome to our coverage of TNA’s ‘Against All Odds’ from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

A quick update, Jeremy & Max Buck have been halted in Utah and will not be able to make the show tonight but there is a X Division Title match scheduled for the show with Kazarian defending.

The opening video has a Western motif called ‘The Gun Show’ with a music video of some country rock band cut with clips building up the top matches on the show.

Robbie E. comes out with Cookie right as Tenay and Taz are explaining that Generation Me is not in Orlando. He states that no one gets to see him wrestle tonight and wants the referee to announce he is the winner by forfeit.

The referee begins counting and Robbie fist pumps at each number and they reach ten and he is declared the winner by forfeit. They head to the back but Kazarian comes out and says they got a cheap victory and brings up that TNA announced on the website that there is going to be a title match tonight.

Kazarian Vs Robbie E. for the X Division Title

There is a sign in the crowd that reads ‘I’ll pay Flair’s Bar Tab’

Robbie is draped on the top rope and kicked underneath by Kazarian and sent to the floor. Cookie distracts Kazarian on the apron and his foot was pulled out from underneath him and he went face first into the steel steps and gets the heat.

Kazarian makes a comeback with a springboard dropkick and then off the second rope and into a leg drop on Robbie. Kazarian goes for the Omori driver but Robbie counters with a roll up. Kazarian is knocked into the ropes and hit by Cookie’s boot with Robbie rolling him up for a near fall. Kazrian hit the Omori driver eventually and got the win.

Backstage Christy Hemme is with Scott Steiner and Beer Money, Steiner cut his promo under the guise he was drunk as he slurred his words. James Storm stated they found out Gunner and Murphy’s real names ‘You’ and ‘Suck’.

A.J. Styles comes out for commentary on the next match.

Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy Vs Scott Steiner & Beer Money Inc

Fans start match with chants of ‘Scotty’

Gunner & Murphy officially have wrestling gear.

Steiner suplexes Gunner and Murphy around and build to Rob Terry being tagged in and they have a pose off until Steiner hits a low blow.

Styles notes that Ric Flair will be on ‘Impact’ this week.

Storm gets isolated in the heel’s corner, they build to a hot tag after Storm hits the back cracker on Terry.

Beer Money build to their chanting spot that the crowd is super into. Gunner gets seated on the top rope and they call to Steiner, who climbs and hits the frankensteiner for the finish. Tremendously booked match and crowd was very hot for the whole thing. They were continuing to tease a Steiner Vs Terry match.

Brother D-Von cuts a promo with his kids and announces they will NOT be in the match tonight and it was a mistake to put them in (I wonder if he told the writing staff this as well when they made the match)

A video reviewing all of the twists, turns and puppies involved in The Pope Vs Samoa Joe feud

The Pope Vs Samoa Joe

The Pope has ‘Pope’s Gonna Kill You’ on the back of his shorts. The Pope teases leaving and going backstage but Okada comes out and stops him. Joe hits a tope suicida to the floor on Pope.

The crowd is into Pope as a heel and he plays it very well. Pope takes the top turnbuckle padding off. They go back and forth and Joe catches him with the rear naked choke and Pope taps immediately.

After the match Pope applauds him and asks to shake his hand. Joe reluctantly does and Pope low blows him and delivers an uppercut. Pope also attacks Okada and throws Joe into the exposed steel and then hits the DDE (running knees) into Joe’s back into the exposed steel. Joe does juice and goes to attack but Pope runs away.

A promo with Mickie James, she says Rayne is wrong and James will beat her tonight.

Madison Rayne Vs Mickie James in a ‘Last Knockout Standing Match’ for the Knockout’s Title

They tease a few spots with James knocked down but gets back to her feet.

They do a spot where each climb under the ring and come out the other side (I have no idea why).

James hits a Thesz Press off the top rope and then an awkward spin kick, James takes the glove off of Rayne and puts it on.

Tara runs down and is identified as ‘Victoria’ and they fight. This allows Rayne to take brass knuckles out of her boot and lay out James. Rayne goes for the pinfall and then realizes there are no pinfalls and gets back up and they count out James.

Jeff Hardy is backstage painting his face and calls Anderson an ‘asshole’ and says Anderson will need luck to win tonight.

Matt Morgan comes out in street clothes and calls out Hernandez. Hernandez calls Morgan ‘the great white hype’. Hernandez says his people are taking over this country, low blows Morgan and leaves him laying.

Matt Hardy promo with Hemme, says he has always tried to do the right thing, had a near career ending injury and was punished for someone else’s sins when his brother left (the WWE and Matt was booked badly). He says RVD stands for everything he is against and doesn’t like him, he’s 3-0 against RVD and writes the final chapter in this feud.

Matt Hardy Vs Rob Van Dam

Dual chants for the two during the half-way point of the match.

Hardy is in much better shape this month than his debut at ‘Genesis’ and the two seems to be clicking much better on this show.

RVD went for a top rope powerbomb but took a back body drop to the mat. Hardy then missed a moonsault off the top rope. With Hardy laying in the middle, RVD hit the frog splash and got the win. This was Hardy’s best performance since coming to TNA.

Hemme approaches Bully Ray who yells ‘shut up’ at her and wants her to cry. Ray licks the side of Hemme’s face and says he wanted D-Von to bring his kids to the match so he can turn them into men and says his sons were born through their mother’s ass.

Bully Ray Vs Brother D-Von in a ‘Street Fight’

They build to a spot where Ray’s head is lodged into a chair on the floor and D-Von teases attacking Ray with a steel chain just as Ray did. D-Von’s kids come down to ringside and D-Von tells them to leave and is hit in the back with a chair by Ray.

Ray grabs a chain and the kids run in to stop Ray and Ray fights them off. One of the kids grabs a steel trash can and hits Ray in the head, the kids then hold Ray’s legs and D-Von hits the diving headbutt off the top rope.

D-Von then brings out a table and sets it up into the ring but Bully Ray makes a comeback with a low blow. Ray goes outside and brings handcuffs into the ring and ties D-Von’s arm to the post. The sons try to save D-Von but Ray attacks them and it leads to Ray pinning one of the kids and the match ends even though they weren’t part of the match.

After the match Ray goes to hit D-Von in the head with a chair but stops and then looks at D-Von’s kids. Ray screams at D-Von being weak and powerbombs the other kid through a table – this had great heat even though a section was chanting ‘one more time’.

While they were putting his son in the stretcher D-Von was tremendous and even better was Taz who sold this tremendously well. This was very well done.

Jeff Jarrett with Karen backstage with Jeremy Borash and says he would never put his kids in danger and guarantees he will beat Kurt Angle tonight and that Kurt will walk Karen down the aisle on March 3rd.

Hemme is with Kurt Angle, all he cares about is getting custody of his children and says Jarrett is using the children as pawns.

Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett

They started off with a wrestling match and continually as the match progressed Karen Jarrett go more involved in the match as they moved on to the near falls.

Angle was distracted by Karen at one point and took a low blow and this led to a ref bump with Brian Hebner knocked out. The two traded lots of near falls including a super stroke off the second rope by Jarrett, Angle recovered and got the ankle lock on with Jarrett tapping but Hebner was distracted by Karen and Angle let go of the hold. Jarrett came back and hit Angle with a chair shot (he got his hands up) for another near fall. The finish came as Angle attempted a sunset flip transition into the ankle lock but Jarrett sat down and hooked his leg for the clean pin.

After the match Angle was nearly in tears and left his wrestling boots in the ring (the amateur wrestling tradition when a wrestler is retiring) and Taz acknowledged this and was in shock.

Christy Hemme (the busiest person on this show) is with Mr. Anderson and cuts a pre match promo and does a Jesse Ventura voice and basically predicts run ins during the main event.

Mr. Anderson Vs Jeff Hardy in a ‘Ladder Match’ for the TNA Title

The crowd has been pretty good thus far on the show but seems much quieter for the start of this match.

Anderson hit a reverse Russian leg sweep on Hardy onto the ladder against the turnbuckle. They both climb the ladder with Hardy going over Anderson and hitting a sunset flip on Anderson off the ladder and they bring up Anderson’s prior concussion problems.

The fans starting chants of ‘Let’s go asshole’ and ‘Let’s go Hardy’ – Anderson is working the match with a t-shirt on.

Hardy hit the poetry in motion off the steel steps on the floor and sent Anderson over the barricade.

Anderson begins to climb the ladder but Hardy comes back in and hits the Twist of Hate.

The finish got messed up with both fighting at the top of the ladder and Anderson taking a bump off the ladder. Hardy went to take the title but it fell to the ground but Hardy got the title and is the new champion.

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